How do I select a lot?

Call for an appointment, either John or Rob will always be available to conduct a tour of River Glen and actually walk the lots with you. We would love to assist you in that process. Our collective knowledge will assure you have made the right choice. We will be able to answer any question you may have in that visit also. Of course you are welcome to download the plat from our web site and tour first on your own if you choose to.

How do I purchase a lot?

Well, you have choices; You may elect to purchase a lot/home package through our 5 approved homebuilders directly from their inventory, or elect to buy the lot from us (the developer) which makes for ease of process. This choice gives you more time to consider the home you want to build, secures the lot you love, give you an opportunity to sell your existing home, select your home plan and select your Builder from our five selected Builders who have been approved.

Say I want to finance the lot. How does that work?

The terms from 2 banks, Stellar One and Virginia Partners Bank have similar terms. Each needs to be quoted from the bank. The basic terms are:
– 15 to 25% down payment (this amount goes toward equity when going forward with a construction/permanent loan)
– the loan will be amortized over 10 years with a balloon call in 2 years
– interest rate will be around 5 to 6%
– closing costs will include costs of an appraisal
– closing points (around 1%) may be charged and then credited when using that bank for a construction/permanent loan

How do I know the land will perk?

No worries here, we have taken out all the guess work, having had a licensed Soil Engineer evaluate a drain field on each lot. In fact, it is already staked out! This is actually a State requirement before we can record a Plat (create a lot). There are 2 drain field locations on each lot, so you have a 100% reserve system. Most often the main and reserve fields are combined to create one large area. Most lots afford the opportunity to move these field around, however that will be your responsibility. We are happy to connect you with M&M Soil Consultants who performed this work for us. They are the best in the business.

How deep will the well be?

Typically the wells in our local are less than 300 ft. However a commonly misunderstood fact of wells is the deeper the better. Fact is, the depth of the well is most often a requirement for extra storage of the well reservoir; a product of output, not that they have to drill deeper to find water. Our water is found between 75 -125 ft.

How do I know my well won’t go dry?

These are drilled artesian wells, not shallow bored wells.  Artesian wells are not affected by drought. They never go dry. Well pumps will eventually fail but normally beyond a ten year window.

How long will a drain field last?

Properly maintained, drain fields will last beyond your life span. The key here is “maintained”. The Chesapeake Bay Protection Act now requires a septic tank clean out every 5 years. All drain fields should provide access through a riser and there should be a filter screen installed as well to protect the distribution box. This is a subject your Builder will have a complete understanding of.

How do I know the Developer will finish his work?

The State now requires all the Road and development improvements be bonded, so that no matter what, the road will be completed and turned over to VDOT.

How do I select my Builder?

Call them, meet them, and get them to price your dream home. You will find one you like I can assure you, through that process. Every one of them is cordial, experienced, and quality oriented. Word of mouth is what keeps them in business. You will find your favorite amongst the 5 approved Builders. They have been carefully selected based on reputation and track record.

How do I know the house being built around me will be of equal value and not diminish my property values?

We established strict covenants that will ensure the houses being built will be very attractive and will be of a value typical of a home in the 500K+ range. The covenants are unique in that they require a lot of architectural detail. Our covenants are restrictive to assure you of a sound investment.

Is there an advantage of buying a new home vs. a resale?

There is when you buy a home in River Glen. Not only are the homes being built today much more energy efficient, when you buy in River Glen, you have selected the most desirable location in the area. The buffers that surround River Glen will protect your investment and preserve your privacy against the encroachment of future growth.

When will the final coat of asphalt go down?

The coat of asphalt down now is a base coat with a heavy aggregate component to bear heavy weight.  When the majority of homes have been built and we feel confident the road will not be damaged from construction we will apply a finish coat which will provide a smoother appearance.

Does a custom home cost more to build than a standard home from a Builders brochure?

The advantage of selecting a home from the Builders brochure is simply this; the builder has already done the work relative to pricing and construction plan development and consequently the process will go faster, beyond that, it depends solely on the complexity and size of the home your choose to build.

How do I select a plan?

The Builders will have many Standard plans which you may love. You most likely know exactly what you want. In the event you want to look through plans for ideas refer to the following links;




Should I have a realtor?

Well, you don’t need one, but, if you already have one, and they represent you, they must register you with the developer or the Builder on the first visit to be assured of their commission being paid. We are all happy to participate with the Real Estate Broker community.

How far is the development from shopping and restaurants?

Five miles and you are in one of the largest shopping areas on the east coast. How’s that for location.

Who takes care of the road?

We do, until the road is accepted into the VDOT Road system, and yes we have to post a Bond for that too.

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